A Little Help With A Tough Job -
SpotTrack, for your Followspot Cue Sheets

Betty Blue Eyes followspot cue sheets

Calling spots is one of the hardest jobs in lighting.

Your challenge is to make the show look great by figuring out the best way of deploying the show’s followspots to make the performers look stunning, telling the spot ops what to do, at the same time writing it all down so there’s a permanent record, then when the show goes to a new venue or on tour teaching the new crew what to do. Often, in tours, over the first performance...

Strangely, for such a tough job, there’s never really been a tool made to help with tracking the cues. Writing it all down. Printing it for the operators, so they just have their cues and no extraneous information, clearly set out and easy to follow. Editing it as the show changes. Printing again.

Everyone’s made their own, in Word, in Excel, in a host of other programs really designed for writing essays or doing accounts.

Now there is a tool: SpotTrack.

SpotTrack is a spot cue management system for shows with one to four followspots.

It gives you everything you need to notate, update and distribute the followspot cues for even the most demanding shows with ease. Set up your spots with operator names and colour loads. Create shortcuts for frequently-typed characters, spot sizes and levels to reduce the amount of typing. Add cast details and even character pictures. Print beautiful cue sheets for each spot, master calling sheets for you - and even contact sheets so the spot ops meeting the show for the first time on the first night get a heads up on what the characters look like!

As you’d expect from the people behind FocusTrack, it’s designed to let you work quickly, efficiently with as little extra handling of data or typing as possible - and to let you keep all of the information you need together in one place. It can even import the show cuesheet from FocusTrack, so you’re all working from the same information.

Plus it’s all in a good cause: by choosing SpotTrack you’re not only making your life easier, but supporting the two leading lighting charities!

Calling spots is hard. SpotTrack can make it a little easier. Find out more, download the information sheet, or why not try it for yourself?

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