Download SpotTrack
Character Shortcut Setup

The current version of SpotTrackTrack is 1.47.
This version was released on 27th April 2016; it gives some useful speed improvements. You can see the full revision history here.

Mac OS X
OS X 10.5.7 with G4 or faster processor and at least 512Mb of RAM; Intel processor and at least 1Gb for OS 10.6, Intel processor and at least 2Gb for OS 10.7)

Download SpotTrack 1.47 for Mac OS X

Requires a 700MHz or faster processor and 256Mb of RAM (XP); 1GHz or faster and 1Gb of RAM (Vista)

Download SpotTrack 1.47 for Windows

Try Before You Buy?

SpotTrack will run in Demo mode indefinitely: enter ‘Demo’ as the user name. Note that the demo version will only work with two spots, it won’t print, and it’ll annoy you by quitting every thirty minutes, but otherwise it works just like the full version! It should give you enough to let you decide if SpotTrack will be of use to you.

If so, why not purchase copies for your shows, supporting
two fine lighting charities at the same time... You can purchase SpotTrack licences here.

User Guide
SpotTrack’s User Guide is a PDF file that’ll guide you through configuring and using SpotTrack.

Download SpotTrack User Guide

Information Sheet
Download SpotTrack Information Sheet

If you’re trying to download FocusTrack, you can find it here.